The Will of The Raven Queen

The Adventure Begins

The Green Lantern Inn


Our story begins on a dusty road, East of the City of Passage, in the Kingdom of Aundair. A Tiefling and Assimar slowly hike toward the Green Lantern Inn, the destination of a vision one had.

Drawing closer to the Inn, light pours forth through the bottle green windows, casting dancing shadows on the dirt road in front of the Inn. The figures pause a moment and mumble to one another, the taller of the two pointing to the wooden sign creaking in the gentle rhythm of the wind, carved into the shape of a lantern. Coming to an agreement, they continue to the Inn and enter and are greeted with a hundred eyes turning to face them. The Inn is full of refugees.

Silence accompanies the startled looks and Raziel subconsciously pulls his hood tighter over his horned head, his tail tucked safely under his cloak. Being used to the prejudice his race garners amongst the yokels, he blends into the shadows, moving towards the bar, leaving his companion in the doorway.


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